Family Relations have a very important role in everyone’s life and as you know people talk much more about the father-child relationship. I think there should be more resources about father-child relationship because generally people don’t pay attention to this communication between the child and father. I am sure that happy children are closely related to successful father-child relationship! When I see a broken relation between them (father-child) I generally see a big sadness in the child inner world. This also affects the mother in the family because she has to take too much responsibility in order to complete the lack of father.

A child who has a good relationship with his father sees the world as a beautiful and reliable place. This child can be more confident in either the inner or the outer world. A father support the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. I didn’t decide to write this blog only for the children’s psychology. I also aim to help fathers for the father-child relationship. I hope they are able to understand themselves.  Men generally express their feelings less than the women. They have many abilities and responsibilities for their children’s development process but the community give the majority of this task to the mothers.

This blog is only based on the information about the father-child subjects and topics. I try to share various posts regularly on my blog.  I wish you will enjoy these posts and of course my greatest desire is that people can actually benefit from my blog. If you want to ask any question please don’t hesitate and contact me.