How Is The Father-Girl Relationship Provided? |

How Is The Father-Girl Relationship Provided?

    The father-girl relationship is of particular importance in the formation of the girl’s personality. For the girl, the future wife and mother, it is the father who is the first prototype of the representative of the opposite sex. Watching the father in the life of the family, seeing his attitude to the mother, the relationship of the mother to the father, the girls receive the first concepts of the relationship between a man and a woman. As psychologists say, very often in the future girls bring to their families a model of the relationship that they had in their family. The influence of the father on the life of his daughter is very great. Father is a figure incredibly meaningful. His most important function is the psychological withdrawal of a girl from the mother’s world. It is can even say that it is the father who is the person who embodies the other world for the baby.

    Very often the fathers, sometimes without noticing it, make typical mistakes in the raising a girl child. In some cases, when the father wanted a son, and a daughter was born, he brings her up as a son: encourages games for the boy, does not allow showing weakness (cry). He likes when his daughter is compared to a boy, and the daughter, trying to please her father, answers this image. Such a girl can easily find a common language with the boys, but in the future it can be difficult for her to find a pair, since she has been associating with boys since childhood. Or for example, in some cases, the father simply does not notice daughter in his life and ignores her. What will a daughter grow up with such a father? At first she will try to earn the love of her father by pleasing him. Without a response, the girl will grow aggression towards her father every day, and she will seek love from other men (such girls get married early or take older husbands). The same model of relations between the father and the daughter happens in those cases when the father does not live in the family. And finally, the last of the typical errors in upbringing are overstated requirements. The father is cold to his daughter, but if in the previous case he simply ignores her, then in this she irritates him, the father constantly criticizes everything that his daughter will do. In the future, girls from such families may have problems with men.

    Thus, the girl child psychology is subject to strong influence on the part of the father. And this influence can turn out to be both positive and negative. You can also read  PLACE OF YOUR FATHER IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE.



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