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Fathers’ Duties For Children To Fear Of Water

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    Why do children have fear of water? Fear of water can be caused by the wrong attitudes of parents, as well as any situation the child confronts. First of all, children should be bathed in small spaces and should not be touched in such a way as to prevent them from breathing. In other words, the water should be transported to the bathroom and the closed area slowly and gradually, which will break the relations with the outside world. In summer, parents want their children to enter the sea or pool without fear. Many children may experience negative experiences with their parents due to their insistent attitudes, even when one does not like the wetting.

    Children are different from sea and pool bathtubs. Children do not feel safe because their feet do not touch the ground and especially the sea is endless. In order for the child to learn to swim, they first has to love the water and feel comfortable in the water, so it is very important to go with tiny steps. It is necessary for fathers to encourage the child and reward even the slightest success. This is a process that should not be hasty, and the child determines how long the process will last, not the parent.

    Fathers should reduce their child’s anxiety primarily and they should understand why they are afraid and taking into account their children’s fear, but also with small but reassuring steps watching the water entrances at the pool, standing by the water, just dipping their feet in water etc.

    If they don’t love water at home, the child may be afraid of the sea. The appearance of the sea may create fear for them. First of all, the child should be able to get to the beach by spending time on the beach. Fathers should take care to make them feel ready.

    Watching in the pools before, watching in the edge and then taking them to the pool should be taken care of. In children with fear of water, firstly those who enjoy the water should be watched, then approached if possible, then contacted with a parent who can be 100% confident in doing so, then gradually brought into contact with the water, and then the application should be explained. Measures must be taken to ensure that they are constantly speaking and given confidence and do not have any difficulty in making them negative experiences.



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