Impacts On The Psychology Of Pressure On The Children Of The Father |

Impacts On The Psychology Of Pressure On The Children Of The Father

    Paternal upbringing is necessary for the child’s harmonious development. Despite the fact that mother spends more time with the child and then the pope under any circumstances should actively participate in the educational process. Positive self-esteem and mental health of children is formed primarily by the interest, exactingness and democratic of intra-family relations, which the father shows. This positively affects the emotional sphere of the child. By tradition, the father of the family is assigned the role of curator of discipline. Often the basis of moral education is considered to be the fear of father punishment. Personal qualities of the father greatly influence the development of the child. His love gives a feeling of special emotional and psychological well-being, teaches the son and daughter how a man can show love for children, his wife and others.

    However, the high expectations placed on the child may be useful, but at the same time exerting excessive pressure can have harmful consequences. In the modern world there are many fathers who are not sure how much pressure should be put on children. Yes, all parents want their children to succeed, but, most likely, they heard that it is harmful to put pressure on children, or vice versa, that one should act in this way. Pressure on a child to succeed and achieve goals may be an excellent option, but it is very important to maintain a balance, since such pressure can print psychology in children, both positive and negative. The desire to manage your own children is understandable. Very often this is achieved by pressure on the child. The father can raise his voice on his son or daughter; threaten a complaint with a policeman (pressure through the authority of punishment). Of course, adults have a greater life experience; they can foresee the consequences of some actions in advance. But you do not need to put pressure on your child! It is better to calmly tell him about the consequences of this or that action. At the same time, responsibility for the decision to leave should be on the shoulders of the child. At the very beginning the child will surely act in his own way. But, in the future, he will begin to notice your correctness. Paternal authority in the eyes of the child will increase; he will often listen to his opinion.

    In order to protect the children’s psychology, the father must be aware of the full responsibility of his influence on the child. Pressure on the part of the father can be directed, for example, to a good education. When the father forces the child to achieve the goal, he begins to take seriously the study. It is very important to take an active part in the education of the child, and providing a little pressure in this case can be useful. You can also read HOW IS THE FATHER-GIRL RELATIONSHIP PROVIDED?



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