Place Of Your Father In Your Child's Life |

Place Of Your Father In Your Child’s Life

    The writings and drawings on fatherhood, the studies done unfortunately always lag behind the relationship between mother and child. The recent changes in social life, the differentiation of roles in the family, the growing importance of the child’s development and education have helped the father-child relationship to deserve the attention it deserves.

    For many years research has examined the relationship between mother and child, emphasized the role and importance of the mother in the development of the child, often underlining the role of fathers as assistant actors. In general, the indirect effect of the father’s development on the child; Comments were made to support the mother, to make the living of the family. However, the role of the father in cognitive, social and emotional development of the child is very important. The meaning and role of the father in the family system has changed in recent years. One reason for this is the increase in the number of working mothers. Another influence can be thought of as the differentiation of the meaning and role of the child in the family. Both parents have a much more active role in the development, education and upbringing of the child. The changing daily conditions also affect parenting skills and attitudes. Being a father means to love your child from a distance, to support the family, to be the authority that enforces the rules in the past years, and now it means to be the parent who shares the baby care from birth and spends time with the child and companionship.

    Baby and Father

    In the past years, it has been emphasized that the baby only connects to the mother from birth, they communicate with the mother, they only need the mother to meet their needs. However, babies need babies from the first day. As you grow your baby, there are areas where your parents will not be able to hold each other as well as they will work together. For example, a baby can feed both parents with a baby bottle, but the mother can not take the place of the “male model” and the father the “female model”. The father may feel insufficient or uninformed about every aspect of the baby. Sometimes this situation is supported by the mother and the close environment, and it is a common situation to leave the baby out of the care period where the baby can not be as competent as the mother. It is important that an emotional connection be established between the father and the baby and that a relationship be established immediately after birth.



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