Psychology Of Children Who Are Not Allowed To Be Naughty |

Psychology Of Children Who Are Not Allowed To Be Naughty


    Undoubtedly, every parent desires to raise children who are not naughty. However, the children want to jump back and forth from jumping, running and breaking. While this may lead to some problems in the family, the parents look for ways to prevent mischief. Experts argue that mischief is a way of learning and exploring children and that children should be recognized for the slightest flare, even if it is hard to tolerate.

    All parents want children who listen to their words and sit well. This is very natural for adults, but not so for children. Children know that their parents should take these expectations into consideration, but they are not always willing to respond. Sometimes they even become stubborn with their parents to make the situation even more difficult. At such times, parents should know how to balance expectations in order to live serious problems with the child. Because of the mischievousness of children, the warning and escape of excessive punishment can lead to a lack of communication between the child and the parents. Families should know that children have some rights and can do some mischief, not to exceed the boundaries.

    Naughty Attitude Is An Act Of Discovery

    Children do not have the maturity to express their needs and desires. Parents should talk calmly about what is wrong with them rather than confront them with their children in order to avoid these problems. Dad should empathize with their children, give them the right to speak, and feel emotions felt by the child by using the body language.

    The way to build a relationship that consists of love, respect and understanding in the family goes through the right role model for the parents’ children. Dad should not exert too much pressure on the child with a mischievous impulse, but should not come to ignore the attitude of the child. It’s wrong to be stubborn with a child. Instead it should be directed to another area of interest. It can also be allowed to do naughty at certain times unless you have aggression and damage. It is inappropriate to teach just the right behavior to the child. Allowing the child to show some misconduct can make it feel that his attitude is wrong.

    Extreme Reactions Can Increase Mischief

    It can be said that the mischievousness of the children is the inconsistent behavior. When a child makes a bad word or shows a behavior that is thought to be faulty, it is usually responded to with anger. In such cases, dads may think that such behavior is related to the character of the child. Sudden and excessive reaction to the child’s abusive behavior can also cause unwanted behavior.

    Behaviors that constitute the perception of naughtyness in society are usually the child’s aggressive attitudes. If there are trust issues between the parent and the child, these attitudes displayed by the child may gradually increase. You can also read this article ”HOW CAN PARENTS HANDLE WITH THEIR CHILDREN’S TRAUMAS”



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