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How Should The Relationship Between Father And Child Be?

    For a man, no reward in the emotional direction can be as satisfying as to be able to raise it until the time when the age in which it can live independently, which children are born with.

    No one is born as a good father. Moreover, there are no supporting biological factors such as the prolactin hormone in the mother. Being a good father; Love, experience, patience and information. Paternal experience starts with the partner being pregnant. During this period, the father watches the progress of his childbirth step by step with his wife. You need to be  not to create an environment to stretch the spouse. This is where the responsibility for paternity begins.

    Being a Good Father

    After birth, the gender factor should not be of any importance to a normal father. After birth, just as it is in the mother, there is a need for a physics theme in order for your father to have an emotional connection with the child. For this reason, it is necessary for the father to have an effective influence on the child’s nutrition and play activities.

    Behaviour Methods

    The importance of mother-child relationship in the first year, the role of father is reduced. Just as the presence of your mother for the first year is indispensable for the formation of the first outer world perceptions, the importance of your father gradually increases from the second year onwards. In the presence of the father, the child sees that the mother does not belong solely to her, that her mother is interested in other people than her. This can lead to discomfort and distress due to an internal conflict.

    The behavioralist may conclude that the role of the father is less important because the part of the employee he / she spent with the child is relatively short. However, if fathers’ attitudes on “appropriate behavior” are more pronounced, their role in creating and strengthening behavioral differences between girls and boys is more important than their mother’s.

    Social learning theory emphasizes the process of observing the same Cinstein adult model of the child. In addition to observing, it also stops the prospect of parents being treated differently for girls and boys.

    Psychoanalytic theory suggests that the father’s agenda for the 4th and 5th years of life is not too great, since both male and female children are identified with their mothers by this turn. In addition, psychoanalytic theory; Aggressiveness, addiction, playfulness, etc. tend to explain with biological factors rather than environmental factors.

    As a result of observations, it was seen that the duration of the games that the dad played with their boys in general was slightly longer than the girls. Games played with girls are a mixture of joking, allowing aggression under control, and displaying the power and strength of the father. The active games played with men, however, are more like “two kinds of powerful people” trying to relax together. You can also read  HOW PARENTS CAN GROW UP HAPPY CHILDREN?




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