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Relationship Between Father And Preschool Child

    Preschool Child

    A good father is a father who takes an active part in the life of a child. Traditionally, the main task of a man is to ensure the material well-being of his family, many men cannot even imagine that they will be involved in the daily painstaking work of caring for children. Meanwhile, the father is of paramount importance for the development of the child and child psychology from the very moment of birth, therefore responsible fatherhood needs to be studied. In modern society, there are fewer and fewer conditions that are favorable for the child’s full-fledged mental development, and the lack of communication between the child and adults increases.

    It can be argued that if a child, due to a number of circumstances, was deprived of the father’s love in the child and then in the preschool age, then it will be very difficult for him to learn how to give and understand it. The expressed love of the father gives a feeling of special emotional and psychological well-being. Having lost confidence in the father, a child may lose faith in people and grow up as a person who cannot love, empathize, and truly care for others. Over time, the “lack of love” does not disappear, the longing for paternal love turns into childish neuroses, a tendency to form various dependencies. Absence of psycho-emotional connection with the father leads to excessive aggression during puberty. The feeling of inferiority more often visits people who did not have a close connection in parent-child relationship. The lack of experience with the father and the lack of an acceptable model of identification weaken the formation of paternal feelings for the boy, which often adversely affects the upbringing of their own children in the future. A child growing up without a father’s authority, as a rule, is undisciplined.

    The fate of a child largely depends on its development in the preschool age, when he knows almost nothing about the world and in his head and heart contains basically what his parents put there. The main feature of preschool child psychology is the period of development of figurative cognition of the surrounding world. Children are curious; ask a lot of questions about animal life, about the internal arrangement of objects. So father should carefully refer to the natural curiosity of the child. In the desires of preschoolers personal preferences are becoming more pronounced, he already knows what is good for him and what is bad for him. And if the requirements of his father contradict the internal needs of development, he can feel anxiety and even hostility to him. Thus, the relationship with the father is extremely important. The father retains his central place in the preschooler’s world, which seeks to imitate him and simultaneously feels the need for a respectful and serious attitude towards him. We hope our article gives new informations about preschool child psychology. You can also read this article FATHER’S 6 IMPORTANT ROLES IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT!



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