How Does Sibling Jealousy Shape The Child's Psychology? |

How Does Sibling Jealousy Shape The Child’s Psychology?

    A new sibling

    A new sibling is a very difficult situation to accept for a child. Many factors influence the child’s acceptance of the new sibling, such as the child’s age, the family’s approach to the child, and the personality traits of the child. Unfortunately, there is no prescription to completely prevent your sibling jealousy. Anyway, this envy of brothers is natural and healthy. What is important here is the level of jealousy and negative behaviors of children against each other. By acting consciously to achieve this balance, you can make your child’s attitude towards your sibling more moderate.

    Depending on the age of the child and personality traits, the familiarity and acceptance of a new sibling may vary. Various measures may be taken to make it easier for the child to experience and accept this period less painfully. Since these values ​​will vary according to the characteristics of your child and your child’s life circumstances, the healthiest proposal can give a pedagogue considering your child’s ages, developmental characteristics, and family structure. For this reason, you can prepare your child for the development of the baby by receiving support from a pedagogue before and after the birth.

    It is easier to solve some things before the baby arrives. It is a more laborious and lengthy process to ensure that the child accepts it after the baby has arrived and the degree of sibling jealousy has increased. Pre-support will ensure that the child has less painful experience in this challenging process and that his / her behavior towards his / her sibling is also positive.

    We mentioned that every child will live differently in this period. Despite all these precautions and preparation, if the child is having difficulties in accepting the baby, it is absolutely necessary for the child to receive psychological support. Play therapy is a powerful method of treatment in your child’s preschool period. Especially Filial Play Therapy is the most effective method. We present this therapy to parents at the Parenting Skills & Counseling Center.

    When a new baby is included in the family, the mother and the father should try to present the same thing to the first child in the past. For example, if the baby is forced to lose her room by her arrival, if she sleeps with her mother (it is not right to sleep with her parents), then the baby will be in our room, as soon as the baby comes, leaving the child away from home and sending it to the kindergarten, sending them for a while leads to drastic changes in the child’s life.



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