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Stubborn Child Psychology

    Raising children is an art. Children are not born masterpieces. How a sculptor shapes the mortar is of course hidden in time, labor and detail. A sculpture made without sketchy time, or a sculpture that tries to incorporate everything that is very detailed, may not resemble anything. Our children are our expenses and dough; We will figure out how to shape. It can not be done either by giving it our whole time or by doing whatever we want. Children are not born stubborn. The greatest mistake of many parents is to see the problem in children, to their own period. Stubborn children do not listen to words, they use spoiled movements, or they cry constantly to help the characters around them. But why does this nightmare start, why do children start to reverse everything and become stubborn? Can every child be stubborn if treated appropriately? How important is it to know the answer to all these questions?

    Screaming Makes Them More Stobborn!          

    Since the age of 2.5, children want to show their parents that they can gradually become independent and do things on their own. So they start to answer every question asked and ‘no’. If we know the process of their development, we can well determine how we will treat them. So if we think that they are just ‘children’, we also know they deserve a childish approach. A mother who shouts with a loud voice to a child who says ‘no’ can learn that the child needs to be screamed only when it is not desired and may become more irritable. We are in constant competition with children. Why do we pretend to behave like an adult, when we say ‘hush’, they do not do it when we say ‘do’? We’re on the football field and we’re trying to score. We think that we will raise a super child when we score a goal. Either we blatantly do what they say, we do a distortion like they would be bad boys if they do not do what they want. Or we can not go beyond shouting and rule. We forget that they are children. Would not you want more if you were doing what you said? Could your wife ever stop to give you anything you would have forgotten your anniversary, even if it received a gift?

    Say no Then Give More Options

    Doing whatever your children want can make your child lose something, and he can lose a lot. We raise dissatisfied and irresponsible children. If we want to give up these qualities and prevent ‘no’ demerrs, we can offer them options. A small question: Why do not we come face to face with the child who is willing to buy food and stick to food? “Could you get the game or go to the funfair?” ‘You either eat dinner or you have not played computer for two days. Which one? ” Moreover, the child will choose whichever we choose.

    Do Not Show Inconsistency!

    We should also pay attention to what we say is realistic and consistent. So if we do, we must apply it. Otherwise you must be guessing what will happen; Someone who does not eat both the food and does not get up from the computer! They’re normal. They are pushing all the boundaries to the end to make their requests, even if they realize they do not stop. If you want your children to be irritable, you can treat them inconsistently. For example, what do not you say? Come on give him a penalty; ‘Would you like to take you to the park again, or do you ever watch a cartoon or play a game on a computer?’ You can tell them, but surely that kid goes to that park, he watches the cartoon. Will you listen now? Unfortunately, sometimes we forget the things we say with anger, the consequences of the punishments we give. But your children will not forget, they will not leave the inconsistency.

    In Conclusion

    Your child says no to everything, if he does not do what he wants, he gets irritable, if he is putting himself in place, you can imitate it in an exaggerated way, you can lie down and make a crying trick. You can say, ‘You can cry okay’ and do not mind. Especially in small children you can divert attention to different things. For example; Your child wants to hide in a stubborn wardrobe, if the glass is fluttering around the table, you can say “look at you here and no one will see you” and show the back of the bed. Sometimes It is good to help them understand what’s good and bad. You can also read  WHAT IS IMPORTANCE OF BEING SOCIAL PARENTS FOR CHILD DEVELOPMENT?



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